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Entry Level Jobs

Introduction to some entry level mining jobs

Learn more about what roles you could do starting out in the mines

Graduate Geologist/Junior Geologist (starting salary $90K to $115K)

Whether you're fresh out of university or it's been a few years, and you've yet to use your degree, applying for graduate or junior positions is the best choice. Both roles are very similar; however, there is more structure, ongoing learning and guidance with a graduate geologist program. You'll have expected milestones to reach over an approximate two-year period. With a junior geologist, the expectations are the same but without the structured program, generally advertised by smaller companies or given to someone who may already have work/life experience and doesn't need constant guidance. As a graduate or junior geologist, your job role can range from underground to surface work. The main aspects of the job will be chasing after drill rigs, logging core or sampling rock faces. It will be the most amazing time in your career, and you will experience an extreme amount of growth and set the foundations for years to come. ​​

Field assistant or Geology Technician (starting salary $80K to 110K)

Once again, this role can have multiple names. No degree or experience is needed. This position could also be used as a perfect step for graduates or those with an older geology/environmental degree before progressing to a more technical role. Working for the geology department, you are the geologists right-hand. You will help with any preparation before drill rigs arrive, rehabbing the area once the drill rig finishes, collecting samples, processing drill core and lots of other field work. The job is mostly surfaced based, but there are some underground opportunities. Being a fieldie or geo assistant can be extremely fulfilling.

Offsider/Trainee Driller/Driller’s Assistant (starting salary $100K to $130K)

Drilling companies are constantly screaming out for offsiders. No experience or credentials are required, and the main job is working on drill rigs. The rig type can vary, which requires different styles of work. The job can be quite physical with heavy lifting, dirty work and long hours, but the rewards can be huge. If you find a good crew, the work can be enjoyable, and once you've moved up to driller status, there are significant salary increases, and you'll be in charge of your own drill rig.

Trainee Dump Truck Operator (starting salary $75K to $130K)

You do not require a Heavy Rigid (HR class) licence to drive a dump truck. No experience is needed, and the mining company will provide all training and tickets. You have the option to work either on the surface or underground. The hours can be long, but you get used to it. You'll find a work crew that becomes like family, and it's a great steppingstone into operating larger machinery or developing a career in the mining industry.

Entry-level trade jobs and apprenticeships (variable salaries)

Another fantastic way to get into the mining industry is to apply for apprenticeships (yes, Kiwis can complete apprenticeships in Australia). The mining industry is currently short on just about every single trade, from heavy diesel fitter, electrician, boilermaker, auto sparky, etc. I would encourage anyone interested to apply! ​

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