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Interested in moving to Australia?

The mining boom has brought a wealth of opportunity and investment. Let us explore what Australia has to offer.


Perth has a fantastic outdoor lifestyle with beautiful beaches, Swan River and Kings Park and is known for its excellent climate! It's a thriving metropolitan city offering a range of activities, including professional sports clubs, swimming, beaches, eateries, pubs and amusement spots.

It has some of the best beaches in the country for swimming during the summer. The beaches are patrolled well and provide facilities like shady grassed areas, refreshments, toilets and first aid.

Perth has a rich and diverse culture, a fantastic ex-pat community, and many kiwis already living there. 

Overall, Perth promises a wonderful and safe city and is certainly worth considering as a place to live.

Image by Matthew de Livera


Kalgoorlie boasts a vibrant and social place to live. There are often events and sporting activities scheduled to bring the community together.

Kalgoorlie has a wide range of shops and is bigger and better facilitated than many people realise.  
Being that Kalgoorlie is located on the edge of a desert, the summer months can get quite hot, with the average temperature being between 18 and 34 degrees. Thankfully, most places are fully air-conditioned and cold beverages are available at the many cafes, coffee shops and hotels scattered throughout the city. A pool or a swimming spot is always close by to cool off. However, the cold winters can catch people off guard. While the days can still be sunny and bright, the evenings can be bone-chillingly once the sun goes down. 

The people in Kalgoorlie are what make it a great place to live. They are warm and welcoming, and the many kiwis already living there will make you feel close to home.

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